The Press

Palabrero Press is born in the Netherlands in 2016, although the project is conceived much earlier.

Our mission is twofold: on one hand, we want to publish classic and modern works which we believe are of a high enough quality to be worthy of a place in the current publishing scene. Some of our books are yet to be translated in Spanish and we offer them in translation, while others are presented in a novelty way in bilingual editions. On the other hand, apart from (re)discovering works that are valuable and have a place in our present day, we will also commit ourselves to publish contemporary writers who can complement those from the previous century.

Our independent publishing work enables us not only to distance ourselves from fleeting trends but also to refrain from adopting a more frenzied pace of publishing. As a result, we have all the time we need to offer our readers first-rate translations that do nothing whatsoever to detract from the original works, as well as carefully promote each and every one of our books, which we have edited with great determination.

The name

The palabrero (Pütchipü’ü) is an extremely important figure for the indigenous Wayuu people of the Guajira Peninsula, a region located between Colombia and Venezuela. The palabrero’s role is to act as an intermediary in any conflicts or disagreements that may arise and to help those involved reach an agreement through verbal negotiations.

It was this intermediary aspect and the emphasis on dialogue as a way of performing this role that made us decide to take palabrero as our name. In other words, our books strive to establish a conversation with the reader by employing the main tool of literature.